Reformation of Prisoners

The administration of prisons is accorded due importance by Government. Concerted efforts are being taken to improve the all round welfare measures of prisoners and basic infrastructure facilities. While strengthening the safety and security of prisons, administrative changes are being made in Prisons. The Principles of correctional administration are imbibed by member of Prison Department so as to provide for reformation and rehabilitation of prisoner on a sustained basis

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga classes are being taught to prisoners every day by a yoga master at central prison, puducherry


Prisoners are gaining through distance education programme conducted by Alagappa University of Karaikudi, TamilNadu


In central Prison there is a library with books of moral & educative value for the use of prisoners. A prisoner may also receive books during Interview or by post subject to censorship and they may keep 3 books at a time.We have books in our library at present .Efforts are being made to buy more books for the benifit of prisoners.

Newspapers and magazine

Tamil and English newspapers and magazines are being made avaiable for the prisoners. All news papers and Magazines are subject to censorship.

All prisoners are permitted to purchase at their own cost any of the newspaper of magazine of their choice, subject to certain restrictions imposed from time to time by the Government.

Human Rights in Prison

The Human Rights of Prisoners are taken care of by providing better living conditions with sufficient accommodation, ventilation, food facilities, potable drinking water, better diet, medical and sanitation facilities interview and communication facilities, entertainment, free legal aid etc.

The staff are also provide training in Human Rights for sustained positive attitudes towards the prisoners.



Prisoners are given training in the skilled activities such as mat weaving, cutting, tailoring, spiral binding, lamination, bookbinding and such other occupation. Wages paid for the work at the rate of Rs.180/-per day for skilled, Rs.170/- for semiskilled and Rs.150 for un skilled prisoners.

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