2013 begins with a new hope for further improvements in correctional administration. We are sincere and earnest in reaching new heights of professional excellence.

Given the complexities of correctional administration, each one of us has to learn new lessons in better understanding of psychological profile of prisoners and pro-actively engage them in positive attitudes and productive work. We have to empower them in vocational skills so that they find useful avenues of rehabilitation after release from Jail. During their stay in Jail, our approach should be one of patience, perseverance, sensitivity, and understanding. A the same time we have to inculcate values of discipline and humanity in them on a sustained basis. This balancing task has to be continuous with clear focus on ultimately moulding them into better citizens. For this we have to set a model by personal example. I hope each staff member realizes his/her role as a professional in nursing prisoners and nurturing enduring values in them. We have no doubt, severe resource constraints but if we have a will, we certainly find a way. Cooperation and coordination with other departments, NGOs and public is very much essential in strengthening infrastructure of jail. Chief Superintendent of Jails and his officers should pay due attention to improvement of facilities in other jails also in this U.T.

We have started cultivation of vegetables in the Central Prison. This should be carried forward in all open spaces in the inner compound of Jail. Similarly, we have trained some prisoners in phynoyl making and utensil clearing powder. Chief Superintendent of Jails must move a proposal for establishment of these units immediately. If required, we may seek sponsorship of voluntary organizations in such work. Similarly, the training and installation of bakery unit should be completed by Chief Superintendent of Jails by end of this month. I am glad Special Sub Jail, Karaikkal has introduced coin operated telephone booth for prisoners under supervision. Proper control and record maintenance should be ensured in this regard. DEWATS system for waste water treatment has been installed. The water coming out of the systm should be utilised for gardening and other purposes.PASIC has been asked to prepare a plan for development of agricultural and horticulture in the area available in central prison.

New facilities have been provided in Central Prisons to improve security. Equipments like Cell phone Jammers X-ray baggage scanners, Video Conferencing have been installed. Computerisation of Prisons is going on at steady pace.Government has provided funds for construction of second phase of Central prisons PWD would be preparing designs in the light of our experience of occupying central prison for last two and half years. Recruitment of Assistant SUpdt of Jails and Warders will be completed which would alleviate the manpower problem.

Chief Superintendent of Jails / Superintendents of Jail are requested to hold fortnightly staff welfare meetings and send minutes of the meetings to me regularly. Chief Superintendent of Jails is requested to coordinate this closely.

We have miles to go in professional excellence. I am sure prison modernization efforts will get a new fillip in 2012. Our approach to integration of correctional services with social groups requires to be given a greater thrust this year. I look forward to new initiatives from Chief Superintendent of Jails and his staff in this regard.

I wish a happy and prosperous New Year to you all during 2014.