Frequently Asked Questions

Is celebration of Special Occasions permitted?

On special occasions like Deepavali, Christmas, Ramzan festivals and other National functions, voluntary and non-Governmental organizations are permitted by the Government to supply sweets and special diet cooked in the Prison to the prisoners. Special diet is also being given at Government cost on Pongal and Independence Days.

Is Education is permitted?

Yes. All needy prisoners' are permitted to study higher education through correspondence course conducted by various universities at Government cost with all the required facilities.

Can the Public visit Prisons?

The public are not permitted to visit the Prisons but the relatives of the prisoners can interview them as per rules.

On what occasions prisoners can be sent outside?

The prisoners are sent on leave so as to attend their important and urgent family exigencies.

What is the role of Prisoners' Adalat?

The role of Prisoners adalat is to ensure speedy justice to remand and under trail prisoners and to reduce the prison population.

What is the role of Legal Aid Cell?

The role of legal aid cell functioning in Prison is to provide legal assistance to the poor and indigent prisoners to get bail, arrange surety and also to defend their cases in the courts.