Govt Orders/Circulars/Notices

Amendments to Puducherry Prison Rules 1969
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GO MS No 43 Amendments to Puducherry Prison Rules

02/08/2007 GOMS43_02082007

GO MS No 30 Amendments to Puducherry Prisons Rules

06/06/2007 GOMS30_06062007


Government Orders
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Constitution of Wage Fixation Body for Prisoners wages

15/07/2010 GOMS29_15072010

Constitution of Advisroy Board to Central Prison -Appointment of Officials 

02/08/2007 GOMS44_02082007

Constitution of a State Advisory Board for Correctional Administration

06/06/2007 GOMS29_06062007

Fixation of Wage to the Prisosers

24/05/2001  GOMS25_24-52001

Fixation of Final Wage to the Prisosers



Standing Instructions/Orders/Notices
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Standing Order7                          Video conferencing system-to make full Utilization of Video Conferencing system-Guidelines - issued.

28.09.2011 S.O.No. 7

Standing Order-6                           Case No.90/4/16/07-08/CD/UC, NHRC Law Division, New Delhi. Dt:16.07.2011

14.09.2011 S.O.No. 6

Standing Order-5                        Filing of Petition by Convicts sentenced to Imprisonment - Order-XX! - Rule of the SC Rules 1966-Surrender certificate

02.02.2011 S.O.No. 5

Standing Order-4                    Instructions to arrange for  postmortem in the event of Natural Death under Rule 800 of Puducherry PrisonRules 1969

23/11/2009 SO4_23112009

Standing Order-3               Informing the Police  to make application to Judicial Magistrate in the event of Custodial deaths

22/10/2009 SO3_22102009

Standing Order-2            Maintenance of registers containing prisoners details 

20/10/2009  SO3_22102009

Standing Order-1                     Transfer Policy for Jail Department

08/06/2007 SO1_08062007