Manual of Prisons Department

Government of Puducherry Jail department

Chapter 7 (Manual 6)

A statement of Boards, council, committees and others bodies constituted as its part

As per Rules 5 and 6 of in Pondicherry Prison Rules, 1969 a State Advisory Board for Correctional Administration shall be constituted as follows:-

Chairman Minister in charge of Jail Department

Vice Chairman Inspector General of Prisons

Members (a) District and Sessions Judge

(b) Inspector General of Police.

(c) Director of Public Instruction.

(d) Director of Public works Department.

(e) Director of Health and Family Planning Services

(f) Director of Agriculture

(g) Director of Industries

(h) Director of social Welfare

(i) Superintendent of Jail

As per Rule of Pondicherry Prison Rule 1969, the following officers shall be ex-officio Visitors of the Central Prison, Pondicherry . These officers will confine their inspection to those branches of work on Administration of Jail only to the matters noted against them.

(a) District Magistrate (Independent) ! All matters relating to General

(b) District and Sessions Judge and ! Administration of Jail and Additional Sessions Judge Management of Jail

(c) District magistrate (Judicial) !

(d) Director of Public Works ! All matter relating to maintenance and repair to Jail Building

(e) Director of Health and Family ! All matters relating to Medical Administration, Health Sanitation and Dietary.

(f) Director of Agriculture ! All matters relating to Agriculture

(g) Director of Industries ! All matters relating to Industry

(h) Director of Public Instruction ! All matters relating to convict education, convict school, religious and moral education of prisoners.

(i) Health Officer of Pondicherry ! All matters relating to sanitation, Region general hygiene, water supply etc.

As per Rule 9 of the Pondicherry Prison Rules, 1969 the Government may appoint any person from among the following categories of persons to the non-official visitor of the Central Prison, Pondicherry :-

Two members of the Legislature (MLAs & M.Ps)

One Doctor practicing in the Pondicherry Region.

One Layer practicing in the Pondicherry Region.

One responsible person of Pondicherry Region.

Two Lady Members or women Social workers.

As per rule 10 of the Pondicherry PrisonRules every non-official visitor shall be appointed for a period of two years and shall be eligible for reappointment on the expiry of the term of office. The District Magistrate (Independent) shall be the ex-officio chairman of the Board of Visitor. The Chairman shall convene the meeting of Board of Visitors.

Powers and Duties of the Visitors:- All visitors except who are required to confine their inspection to a particular branch of work on administration of Jail mentioned in Rule 8 of this chapter shall satisfy themselves that in the law and rules regulation the management of prisons and prisoners and duly carried out in Jail, to visit all parts of the Jail and to see all prisoners and to hear and inquire into any complaint that any prisoner may make to them. The visitor may call for and inspect any book or other records in the Jail. But no visitor may issue any order or instruction to any official of the Prison/Jail.

As per Rule N.278 & 279 (Chapter XVIII) of Pondicherry Prison Rules, 1969, an Advisory Board on Remissions for prisoners is constituted. The following is the composition of the Board.

i) District Magistrate (Independent) - Chairman

ii) District and Sessions Judge - Member

Inspector General of Prisons - Member

The Director of Social Welfare - Member

Director of Health and Family Welfare Services. - Member

One Member Legislative Assembly - Member

A non-official member appointed by the Govt. - Member

One Lady Member appointed by the Govt. - Member

Superintendent of Jail, - Member Secretary

The reconstitution of above said Board is under process.