Manual of Prisons Department

Government of Puducherry Jail department

Chapter 6 (Manual 5)

A statement of the categories of Documents that are held by the department of under its control

Registers, Records and Returns that are held by the prison administration

Sl.No. Category of the document Name of the documents and its introduction Procedure to Obtains the document Held by under control of
1 Prison Registers Superintendent's Order Book (Form No. I) Being a security organization the details of the above said documents cannot be disclosed to the public Superintendent of Jail of each region
2 Medical Officer's journal (Form No.II) .
3 Prisoners' Register (Form No.III) .
4 Admission and Release Register (Form No.IV) .
5 Register of Prisoners to the released/produced before Courts (Form No.V) .
6 Prisoners property register (Form No.VI) .
7 Prisoners cash property register (Form No.VII) .
8 Punishment Book (Form No.VIII) .
9 Inspection Register (Form No.IX) .
10 Register showing custody of keys (Form No.X) .
11 Superintendent's Journal (Form No.XI) .
12 Nominal roll of Convicts (Form No.XII) .
13 Nominal roll of under trial PrisonersConvicts (Form No.XII) .
14 Cash Record Bill Drawn Register

cash Books

Receipts Books and Stock Register of Receipts Books Register of Undisbursed pay Permanent Advance Register Remittance chalans

Register of Duplicate Keys

Register of Security Deposit Subsidiary Cash Book Register of Valuables

Budget Check Register

paid towards the Vouchers

By applying in Form A (See Sec-3) Chief Superintendent of Jails
15 Establishment Records Service Books of employees pay bills and acquittance last pay Certificate contingent Bills with registers TA & LTC Bills Tour Advance Register M.R. Bills Chief Superintendent of Jails .
16 Stock Records Stock Register of Dead Stock, Stationery, stamps, Furniture etc. stock Register of Tools and Plants Stock Register of Machineries and Equipments stock Register of Library Chief Superintendent of Jails / Superintendent of Jail .
17 Motor Vehicles Log Books Fuel Indent Book Chief Superintendent of Jails .
18 General Purchase File

Stock File

Other Misc. Files

Chief Superintendent of Jails .