Manual of Prisons Department

Government of Puducherry Jail department

Chapter 3 (Manual-2)

Power and duties of JAIL officers and employees

The Administrative Power/duties, functions and responsibilities Pertaining to the jail personnel are as show on bellow:-

The Inspector General of Prisons appointed under section 5 of the prisons Act, 1984 (Central Act IX of 1984) shall exercise under that section the general control and superintendence of all Jails in the Union Territory of Pondicherry. The Inspector General of prison will be the Head of the department for the jail department and shall exercise all powers conferred on the head of the departments under various Financial Rules and other rules made applicable in the Union Territory . All officers in charge of sub-jails shall obey all orders issued by him. He is empowered under section 7 of the prisons Act to direct the removal of a prisoner from one sub-jail to another and to central jails or vice-versa. He shall inspect all the sub-jails in the Union Territory whenever possible recording the result of his inspection in the inspection registers.

The Chief Superintendent of Jail Central Prison, Pondicherry (herein after referred to as Chief Superintendent) shall exercise supervision and authority over all sub-jail and Central Prison in the Union Territory . The Chief Superintendent will be the head of office for the Jail Department, for the purpose of Rule 10-A of the Delegation of Financial Power Rules, 1958 and such other rules made applicable in the Union Territory from time to time, and shall exercise all powers derived from such delegation. All officers of sub-jails and Central Prison shall obey orders issued by him. He shall be the medium of communication between the Magistracy and the Government in all matters connected with the Sub-Jail and Central Prison. The annual budget prepared by the Chief Superintendent for expenditure of jails shall include provisions for sub-jail and he is empowered to sanction any sum within the allotment subject to general or special orders regarding his power of sanctioning expenditure. He shall inspect all sub-jail as many times as possible and record the result of his inspection in the inspection register. His shall review in the Annual Administration Report, The general conditions and management of jails. The chief Superintendent shall conduct yearly inspection of sub-jails (Account others connected registers of convicts, cash accounts, store, etc.) in detail and report the result of the inspection of Government. He shall make all appointments on the sanctioned establishment of the sub-jails subject to the Recruitment Rules and any others rules in force.

Superintendent of Jail is responsible for general supervision over security and custody arrangement and the execution of all sentences of prisoners committed to his charges. He is responsible for planning, organizing, directing, guiding, co-coordinating, supervising and controlling all institutional programmes, activities and operations. He is responsible for inmate discipline and morale, classification of prisoners, training and treatment. The Superintendent of Jail shall make himself thoroughly acquainted with the prison Rules and the prisons Act and shall be responsible for the due carrying out of all such rules and statutory provisions. The executive management of the jail in all matters relating to internal economy, discipline, labour, expenditure, punishment and control shall be vested in the Superintendent subject to orders of the Chief Superintendent of Jail and Inspector General of prisons and the rules sanctioned by the Government. As per Rule 53 (1) of the Pondicherry prison Rules, 1969 the Superintendent of Jail shall be responsible for the correct maintenance of the records prescribed in section 12 of the prisons Act, 1894 and of such other records as are prescribed by these rules, and at least once a month shall examine every such record and shall satisfy himself that it is up to date.

Deputy Superintendent of Jail (Jailor) is responsible for the enforcement of rules and orders, maintenance of discipline among prisoners and subordinate staff, daily inspections, execution of all orders regarding the labour of prisoners, supervision of guard, enforcement of terms of warrants and property in his possession, execution of medical officer's orders, maintenance of records, and general management of prison.

Assistant Superintendent Of Jails (Assistant Jailor) is responsible for searches, counting of prisoners, opening and lock up of prisons, preventive measures in emergency, physical training, maintenance of prisoners interviews and general Jail management. He also performs the duties of Jailor in his absence.

Principal Warders shall drill the warders in physical and musketry exercise and supervise the standing guard the mounting of sentries and relief. They will supervise the guards and maintain the account of Arms, Ammunition, uniform and other properties. They will assist the seniors in records and general management of Jail.

Warders are responsible for proper guard of prisoners, sanitation and hygiene, distribution of food, custody of tools and properties and supervision of work of prisoners.

Police Guards, under the control of Superintendent of Jail, are being engaged for guarding of the main gates of the prisons as per prison and sub-jail rules.

Administrators and Magistrates Subject to general control vested in the Inspector General of Prisons and Chief Superintendent, the Administrators (Regional Administrators) of the respective region (Collector in respect of Karaikal Region ) shall exercise supervision of authority over the Sub- Jail within his jurisdiction. As per the Rule 27 of Sub- Jail Rule. The District (Judicial) and the First Class Magistrate having jurisdiction over the area in which the Jail is situated may also visit the Sub- Jail as frequently as possible and record their remark in the inspection register. The officers in charges of Sub- Jail shall obey all orders issued by him. The Administrator shall communicate with the Government on all matters connected with the sub-jail within his jurisdiction under intimation to the Chief Superintendent. Subject to sanction by the Chief Superintendent the Administrators are empowered to authorize the Superintendent of Sub- Jail of their jurisdiction to incur exceptional urgent and unforeseen expenditures within the powers of the Chief Superintendent. The Administrators shall inspect the Jail in his jurisdiction at regular intervals and shall record his remarks in the inspection register.

The District Magistrate (Judicial) and the First Class Magistrate having jurisdiction over the area in which the Jail is situated may also visit the Sub- Jail as frequently as possible and record their remarks in the inspection register. The Superintendent of Sub- Jail shall carry out the direction of the District Magistrate and other Magistrates and report the face to the Chief Superintendent for his information and orders.

Financial Powers

The Financial Powers of Inspector General of Prisons (Head of Department) and Chief Superintendent of Jail (Head of Office and Drawing and Disbursing Officer) are as detailed in the delegation of Financial Power Rules.