Manual of Prisons Department

Government of Puducherry Jail department

Chapter 2 ( Manual-1 )

Particular of ORGANIZATION, functions and duties

The objective/purpose of the jail department/prisons is correctional administration of prisoner the under trial/convict prisoners/civil prisoners in accordance with law.

In Central Prison, Pondicherry/Sub Jails, prisoners are engaged in creative and vocational activities so that their time is used purposefully during their confinement in jails this enables them to return to the society as normal citizens.

After merger of Pondicherry in the Union of India, a Superintendent of Jails was appointed in 1967. In May,1969, the following Central Acts were extended to the U.T. of Pondicherry .

1.The Prison Act-1894.

2.The Prisoners Act 1900

3.The Identification of Prisoners Act 1920

4.The Transfer of Prisoners Act.1950

5.The Prisoners (Attendance in courts) Act.1955.

In exercise of the powers conferred by the various provisions of the above acts, the Administration framed two sets of rules VIZ Pondicherry Rules, 1969 and Pondicherry Sub Jail Rule, 1969 for the prisons Administration in the Union Territory of Pondicherry. Setting the administration of penal institutions in the Union Territory of Pondicherry on the pattern in vogue in Tamilnadu and rest of India , the rules came into force with effect from 01.05.1969.

The Jail Department, Pondicherry is maintaining the following jails in the four regions of this U.T.

Pondicherry : One Central Prison

Karaikal : One Special Sub-Jail

Yanam   : One Special Sub Jail

Mahe     : One Sub Jail

The Jail Department is under the administrative control of the Home Department. Inspector General of Prisons is the head of the Department. The Chief Superintendent of Jails, who is the Head of Office exercises control of all prisons in the Union Territory . He is assisted by one Superintendent of Jail in Central Prison, Pondicherry and Deputy Superintendent of Jail at Central Prison, and Special-Sub Jail, Karaikal. The Sub-Jail at Mahe and Yanam are managed by one Assistant Superintendent of Jail each. In respect of Karaikal, the Resident Medical Officer and for Mahe and Yanam Jails the Deputy Director, Health and Family Welfare Services of the respective regions act as the Superintendent of Jails.

Rehabilitation of Prisoners

The prison management includes health, diet, training, recreation and rehabilitation of prisoners. The convict prisoners who are sentenced for rigorous imprisonment are entrusted with the prison labour works such as kitchen/cooking, office orderly work, dispensary orderly work etc. They are also engaged in Binding Unit, Tailoring Unit, Mat weaving Unit etc. Minimum wages are paid to the prisoners engaged for the same.

The prisoners are trained in the trade of mat weaving, cutting and tailoring and book binding unit available in the Central Prison. This is found useful for them in their rehabilitation after release. Periodical check-ups and medical facilities are made available to the prisoners through the Jail dispensary and Medical Officer of the Jail. They are also treated at the Government General Hospital if referred by the prison Medical Officer and at other higher medical institutions if referred by General Hospital , Puducherry. For recreation of prisoners Radio, Television, news papers, magazines etc. are provided. The Central Prison, Pondicherry is provided with one prison library for the utilization of the prisoners. Film/Video shows are also arranged frequently for the benefit of the prisoners.

The prisoners are being provided with hygienic diet, clothing and bedding as per the norms prescribed by the Pondicherry Prison Rules 1969. Security and discipline in the jails are well maintained. The prisons are kept clean and tidy .

The prison discipline as well as the daily routine of prisoners are governed by the provisions of the Pondicherry Prison Rules, 1969. The prisoners are eligible for remission of sentence granted on the basis of their good behavior, work and general response to various institutional activities. The prisoners are also released on emergency or ordinary parole leave to enable them to maintain contacts with their families on important occasions. Interview with their parents / relatives are also allowed as per of Judiciary rules and orders.

2.6 Prisoners are kept in custody in the Jail as per the sentences awarded by various courts and feeding them. It is also the duty of the Jail Department to look after their health and well being. The Jail Department is encouraging them to pursue higher education from the prison. We also provide employment through industrial trades like carpentry, mat weaving, cutting and tailoring and binding. These are found useful for their rehabilitation after release. They are paid wages for their work in the prison as per rules.

They are also provided with good health facilities in the Jail Dispensary. The Jail Department implements all directions/guidelines of the National Human Rights Commission, Judicial authorities and Government with utmost care.

2.7 The Organization Structure Diagram at various levels is attached separately.

2.8 For enhancing the effectiveness of the functioning of the prisons, boards and committee as detailed in the chapter-7 (manual-6) are constituted.

2.9 For training, rehabilitation and correctional services, the participation/contribution of the Non Government Organizations may be utilized.

2.10 The Board of visitors and Advisory Boards are provided for.

2.11 The Addresses of the main office and other offices of this administration are as follows.

1.Central Prison,

Mathur Road, Kalapet, Pondicherry 605 014.

2. Special Sub Jail,

No.5 Godown Street ,

Karaikal 609 602.

3. Sub Jail,

Railway Station Road ,

Mahe 673 310.

4. Special Sub Jail,

Oil Mill Street,

Yanam 533 464

2.12. Office Hours of the Jail Department is as follows:-

Morning Session 8.45A.M. to 1.00 P.M.

Afternoon Session 2.00P.M. to 5.45 P.M.