Manual of Prisons Department

Government of Puducherry Jail Department

Chapter – 1


• The following seventeen manuals are published as required under section(4) (b) of the right to Information Act, 2005. As per the provisions contained in the said Act, all citizens have the right to information and therefore every Public Authority shall maintain all its records duly catalogued and indexed.

• The objective/purpose of this handbook is to secure access to information to citizens under the control of public authorities, in order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public, authority, the appointment of Information Officer and Assistant Information Officers.

• All the citizens of Indian can use this handbook.

• This handbook gives information on the Jail Department.

• Definitions:

• ‘Inspector General of Prisons' means an officer appointed as such by the Govt. under section 5 of the Prison Act-1897;

• ‘Chief Superintendent of Jails' means the head of the office of the Jail Department for the purpose of Rule 10-A of the Delegation of the Financial Power Rules, 1958 and such other rules made applicable in the Union Territory from time to time;

• ‘Superintendent of Jail' means a Superintendent of Jail concerned appointed under section 6 of the prison Act.1894;

• ‘Jailor' means Deputy Superintendent cum probation officer and Chief Executive Officer of the Jail who is immediately subordinate to the Superintendent;

• ‘Assistant Jailor' means Assistant Superintendent of Jail;

• ‘Chief Head Warder' ‘Head Warder' and Gate Keeper means Principal Warder;

• ‘Court' includes any officer exercising civil, criminal or revenue jurisdiction;

• ‘Magistrate, shall include every person exercising all or any of the power of a Magistrate under the code of criminal procedure;

• ‘Medical Officer' a member of medical department appointed as a medical officer under section 6 of the prison Act.1894;

• ‘Inmate' means any person kept in the prison;

• ‘Prison or Jail' means a prison as defined under the prison Act.1894;

• ‘Under Trial Prisoner means a person who has been committed to prison custody; pending investigation or trail by a competent authority.

1.6 The contact person in case somebody wants to get more information on topics covered in the Hand Book as well as other information also is the Assistant Public Information Officer and Public Information Officer appointed under the Right to Information Act 2005. (Please see Charpter-8-Manual-7 for details)