Prisoners adalat

The main aim of this type of Court which is functioning within the prison premises is to render quick justice to the prisoners through speedy disposal of their cases and also to provide easy access to the Presiding Officers of the Court to get their case solved without much difficulties.

Legal Aid Cell

Legal Aid Cell established by the Puducherry State Legal Service Authority is functioning in Prison to provide legal assistance to the needy prisoners. Prisoners are at liberty to nominate lawyers of their choice to defend their cases.

Prisoners welfare programme

Welfare officers look after the welfare of the prisoners. Psychologist and Social case work expert are there to help the prisoners. Women prisoners can keep their children upto the age of six. Cultural Committee looks after the entertainment programme of the prisoners. Yoga and Meditation classes are conducted regularly by various non-Governmental organizations. Film of moral and educative values are shown. Radio and T.V Sets have been provided block for the entertainment of prisoners. Music and games are also provided for the recreation of the prisoners.

Medical care to Prisoners

The Prison Hospital is manned by Civil Assistant Surgeons with the supporting para-medical staff. Various specialists from the Government Hospital also visit the Prison frequently. The Health Camp under “Varumun Kappom Thittam” is conducted in Prisons to screen the prisoners and give the requirement medical treatment to the prisoners afflicted by various diseases. Only during emergency, they are refered to the outside Hospital for specialized treatment.

Prisoner's interview (visiting prisoners)

How to apply?

One who desires to see a prisoner may apply to the Superintendent of the Prison concerned between 9.30 A.M and 11.30 P.M daily in a printed application which is available at the Prison gate at free of cost. The filled in application is to be dropped in the drop box kept for the purpose.

When the meeting is permissible?

Interviews are generally conducted in all working days except Government holidays between 9 AM to 4 PM below. The duration of interview is 20 minutes.

Type of Prisoners Time interval
Remand &Under Trails Once in a 7 days
Convict &Detenus Once in a 14 days

Who can visit periodically?

Relatives and friends are permitted to have interviews with prisoners to talk domestic matters only. 3 persons are permitted at a time in an interview. One interviews in a week in respect of Remand and Undertrail prisoners, once in a fortnight for Convicted prisoners and detenus.

Articles permitted during visit ?

A reasonable quantity of fruits, biscuits, Tobaccos, Toilet Soaps is allowed for all catogories of prisoners. Except ‘B' class convicts, all others are eligible to receive civil dress also.

Procedure to be followed.

Every visitors will be subject to search by the prison staff. Limited and permissible items such as fruits, biscuits, bread and toilet items alone will be allowed. Women visitors will be searched by women staff.

Legal Counsel visit

The legal counsels can have a reasonable number of visits with the prisoners which is to be conducted in the presence of Prison officials but out of hearing distance during the working hours of the Prison on all days except Government Holidays, by making an application to the Superintendent.


The Public approaching the Prison for visit, Emergency leave, Ordinary leave, Premature release etc., finding any difficulty may contact Chief Superintendent of Jails for assistance. Their address and phone numbers are displayed in the display board placed in front of the Prison. The public may also make complaints regarding the services of Prison staff to the superior officers. In addition to that they may also contact the Inspector General of Prisons whose contact address is furnished separately in this site.

Clothing and bedding

All convict prisoners are provided with prison clothing and all other prisoners are permitted to use their own clothing.

Possession of money

The wages earned by the Prisoners in the Prison and the money received by them are deposited in the “Prisoners Cash Property Account” of State Bank of India as they cannot keep the money with them. They can send the money from their account to their blood relatives during emergencies. They can also purchase the required cosmetic and novelties out of their cash property account from the prisoners' canteen. The balance amount standing at their credit will be returned to them at the time of their release.

                                        OTHER AMENITIES


Prisoners are provided a balanced diet cooked as per Puducherry Prison Rules. Food from out side not permitted to convict prisoner and undertrial prisoners are permitted to eat home food


Prisoners are provided with recreational facilities like Radio, T.V, meditation and yoga.


Types of leaves and its grounds for release

Emergency leave is granted to prisoners to attend the emergencies like serious illness, death and marriage of their blood relatives after proper verification and sometimes with Police escort for security reasons.

Ordinary leave is granted for purpose like settlement of property, admission of children in Schools and Colleges, repairing of home, arrangement of marriage of son, daughter, full brother and full sister, agricultural harvesting and other extra-ordinary reasons after proper verification.

Eligibility for ordinary parole

Conduct should be satisfactory in Prison

Should be a lifer

Should have completed 5 years of sentence

No case should be pending against him.

Should not be habitual

Should not have committed prison offences like assault, outbreak,  riot, mutiny, escape, strike etc. Should be of sound mind

Granting of parole

Emergency parole Superintendent of Prisons upto 15 days in four spell of 6+3+3+3
Ordinary parole Eligibility is based on the sentence awarded with a maximum period of 30 days at a stretch.

Bail release

The prisoners will be released on bail on all days including Prison holidays by appropriate court orders which are sent to the Prison through Court messengers. The bail orders received up to 18.00 hours daily are honored and the prisoners released on bail on the same day and those received after 18.00 hours are executed in the next day morning.

Release on Remission Rules

All Prisoners sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for more than 90 days is awarded remission. The remission system in Prison helps the prisoner to get himself released earlier than the normal date of release by earning the remission for good conduct, labour, blood donation, sterilization etc. as per the scale laid down in the Prison rules. Besides, special remission is granted for the reasons such as increased out of turn work, economy in wearing cloths, assisting the administration, acquiring academic qualification etc. by the Superintendent and Inspector General of Prisons. The special amnesty remission is granted by Government on special occasions.

Release on Expiry of Sentence

All Prisoners sentenced below 90 days are not eligible for remission and they will be released on expiry of sentence.